The Association

a secret meeting for women, by women

A raw and disturbingly domestic psychological thriller, with splashes of black humour and moments of true humanity, where the idea of “the perfect life” is stripped down before the audience’s eyes.

The Association is a two part project;  a Theatre Immersive production performed in July 2017 and the Short Feature that premiered at the Lido Cinema in July 2018.

Following an intensive development and rehearsal period, we took over a unique venue for a four-week residency. We began with a sold out two-week season of a stage version of a new work, developed, written, produced and staged by Girls Act Good and then used the following two weeks to film the piece, with the view of creating a low budget, festival ready, film version.

To keep the project realistic and natural, we used a real house in the inner west - Number 64, Yarraville. This allowed our audience to have an authentic experience and the film to conceptualise the character’s true needs and surroundings. The creative team and cast donated their time to this project, with proceeds of all ticket sales from the theatre event going directly to funding the film production.

Drawing inspiration from Frankenstein, The Stepford Wives and the Country Women’s Association (CWA), The Association is set in a secret women’s association meeting where a select group of women have been invited to take part in a bold new program. The meeting's agenda quickly changes from the perfect recipe for jam sponge to how to create the perfect partner... and a horrific experiment is revealed.

Producer and GAG founder – Jennifer, attended a Country Women’s Association meeting in rural Victoria where she was overwhelmed by the generosity the branch displayed in their dedicated efforts to assist community groups. Jennifer decided to incorporate this angle into the project, inspiring the script writer to include outreach groups from the local area. The Association shined a light on both the McAuley Community Services for Women (MCSW) and GROW within the piece.

Through publicity, fundraising events, the immersive theatrical performances and the film, Girls Act Good will be bringing awareness to these amazing groups and giving them the recognition they deserve.


With two major theatre productions and a short film produced, written and created by the GAG ensemble, we are ready to take our work to the next level. 

Produced by Jennifer Monk, Perri Cummings and Lee McClenaghan

Directed by Lee McClenaghan

Written by Perri Cummings

Performed by Jennifer Monk, Kelley Kerr Young, Shanon Kulapach, Lisa Dallinger, Lee McClenaghan, Constance Washington, Laila Thaker, Emily Joy, Hannah Davies and Perri Cummings.


Thank you to the following campaign donors:

Bertuola Holdings P/L, Pandora Productions, Aurora RV Conversions, Madonna McGregor, S Bamford Caleo, Ingrid Fennessy, Amy Leeke, Rob Gaetano, Kelley Young-Camp, Lauren Hopley, Marie-Claire Tchernomoroff, Sophie Garnett, Jessica Chapman, Leigh Ormsby, Jenna Sladek, Nicole McElhenny, Samantha Lafranchi, Amanda May, David Macrae, Haylee Deutrom-Wakeling, Kim Dallinger, Kim Hateley, Marc Gracie, Martin Wurt, Tanya Edlington, Wendy Lever, Alicia Joel, Amanda May, Bart Sbeghen, Dianne Gale, Emma Hunt, Emma Caldwell, Canada White, Ruth Katerelos, Ben Groth, Cinema Viscera, Anna Widdrington, Amelia Hunter, Sanjay Parbat, Hey de ho music, Kerry Drumm, Amie Prescott, Jenna Hudson, Liz Delaney, Ashlee Hodges, Kimberely Finnegan, LeeGets WeirdAfterWine, Andrew Robb, Jay Adshead, Harriet Devlin-Dunbar, Christina McLachlan, Michael Bailey, Jaklene Vukasinovic, Katherine Grinlaw, Kendra Kingsbury, Shanon Kulupach, Magnani Papers Australia, Emma Mckay, Rasphal Sohal, Glenn Dallinger, Rachael Jeffery, Julia Hern, F Word films, Paul Jones, Carl Cummaudo, Jana Wilkes, Timothy Davis, Sally McLean, Solange Foley-Dawson and ALL the anonymous contributions.

This project was supported by Auspicious Arts Projects and was funded via campaigns with The Australian Cultural Fund




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Images FROM THEATRE IMMERSIVE by Eadie Testro - Girasole

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