T H E A T R E   I M M E R S I V E   E V E N T  

D I R E C T E D  B Y

L E E   Mc C L E N A G A H A N

W R I T T E N  B Y   P E R R I  C U M M I N G S

a secret meeting for women, by women

Drawing inspiration from Frankenstein, The Stepford Wives and the Country Women’s Association (CWA), The Association is set in a secret women’s association meeting where a select group of women have been invited to take part in a bold new program. The meeting's agenda quickly changes from the perfect recipe for jam sponge to how to create the perfect partner... and a horrific experiment is revealed.

The Association was performed by Jennifer Monk, Lisa Dallinger, Kelley Kerr Young, Perri Cummings, Hannah Davies, Emily Joy, Lee McClenaghan, Samuel Burton and Ethan Back


L A  M A M A  E X P L O R A T I O N  S E A S O N  

D I R E C T E D  B Y  J E N N I F E R  M O N K

D E V I S E D  B Y  G I R L S  A C T  G O O D 

S C R I P T  E D I T O R   P E R R I  C U M M I N G S

An exploration of classical and historical women thrown into modern settings to see how far we have come - and prove that some things may never change. How will Joan of Arc, Medea, Juliet and Wonder Woman shatter the glass ceiling and navigate the complexities of life today? A funny, physical and messy celebration of womanhood and our continuing fight for equality and the right to be ourselves. 

A Lady Shot was performed by Sarah Clarke, Lisa Dallinger, Lee McClenaghan, Jennifer Monk, Sarah Plummer, Kelley Kerr Young and Constance Washington. 

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D E V I S E D  B Y  

J E N N I F E R  M O N K,  

C O N S T A N C E  W A S H I N G T O N  

A N D   S A R A H  P L U M M E R

Jennifer Monk, Sarah Plummer and Constance Washington were delighted to bring their newest Australian play A Christmas Tale, as presented by Girls Act Good (GAG), to The Butterfly Club. This fresh, exciting work was inspired by real-life conversations and stories about Christmas from women across Australia. The play takes a comedic and heartfelt look at the Aussie festivities and celebrates how we can come together to remember the Magic of Christmas.
Not just the premier of A Christmas Tale, this event also raised money and awareness for McAuley Community Services for Women. 100% of the profits from the show were be donated to the wonderful people who are engaged in such incredible work for women and their families.
Performed by Perri Cummings, Jessica Gerger, Lee McClenaghan, Jennifer Monk, Michelle Pastor, Sarah Plummer, Constance Washington and Kelley Kerr Young.