Girls Act Good is proud to support emerging and established creative artists. We hire our own members as well as outsourcing specialised facilitators to run workshops for our members to enhance, develop and nurture our skills in a fun and supportive environment.

G A G   A R T I S T   C O A S T A L   R E T R E A T  2 0 1 8

This retreat was for GAG members to get away from the city and spend some quality time with nature, to rejuvenate and delve into their personal creative projects. Everyone had the flexibility to work by themselves without interruption, with the luxury of having other creatives close by to ask for input and advice. It was a chance to relax, hone our craft and explore any new creative passions.

Most importantly we had the opportunity to chat with each other outside of a working environment making our bond as a creative sisterhood stronger, deeper and ready for the next adventure!


W R I T I N G   W O R K S H O P   W I T H

P E R R I   C U M M I N G S

APRIL / MAY 2018

'Last Breath' is a web series inspired by the stories of real Australian women executed or imprisoned for life for murder. Perri Cummings (Neighbours, Trench, The Association), designed this Writing Workshop for members to research, develop and write a monologue inspired by these real women and their stories.

Perri facilitated the workshop in a safe and supportive environment allowing the members to feel comfortable and inspiring them to write from their heart and soul to produce unique and truthful monologues. In this workshop members were introduced to essay, editorial and memoire writing; learnt about character mask technique and how to use it to create a compelling monologue; explored free writing to find their personal and character’s ‘writing premises’ and ‘circle of being’ as well as keeping emotional journals. Practical exercises were incorporated to the sessions to further develop the authenticity between the members and the characters they were developing through inner monologue work and personal props.

Perri’s experience and expertise in the field shone through her teaching yet her gentle manner enabled everyone to feel willing to participate. Throughout the process we also received wonderful individualised feedback so we could all keep developing consistently. One can’t help feel inspired after working with Perri and partaking in such a thorough and structured yet highly creative workshop series.
— Lisa Dallinger
Perri Cummings Headshot.jpg
Perri was amazing. She created a safe and open space for us to be incredibly creative - it was a process of then unravelling our research and putting it on the page. She is a wizard with words and also with allowing these characters to live within us and assist on getting them out on the page. She’s honestly incredible!
— Eva Justine Torkkola

G O A L  S E T T I N G  W I T H  E M I L Y  J O Y


Self tapes, private coaching and mentorships are the services Emily supplies. Emily facilitated a workshop on how to set realistic gaols for ones career and advised tools on how to achieve these goals.

W E E K E N D  R E T R E A T


A creative weekend for members to explore different acting techniques and career tips. We filled a house on the coast with strong, talented and passionate women who shared their skills, professional experience and training in a fun and supportive environment. Workshops over the two days were facilitated by GAG members for members including improvisation, accounting, writing for web series, industry chat, salsa, voice, spoken word poetry and a screening of Cinders and the Seven Stages of Grief behind the scenes footage.

M I N I  F I L M  S C H O O L  W I T H  

S H A N O N  K U L U P A C H


BRAND - The dirty word to any creative being BUT super helpful. This will be about where you fit in the TV/Film world before you get to be Meryl Streep. What does your energy project just as you alone? Understanding how you are perceived just by your mannerisms, tone, clothes etc, helps to finding your type. Your “type” is where you start your TV/ Film journey. 
Shanon started screen acting in 2000 and has since worked with many of Australia's top casting directors an acted in TV and film. Shanon was nominated for Best Actress at the Melbourne 48 Film Festival.  

"When acting for camera you don't have to act the character because you are already that brand, that character. In front of the camera you just have to be you" - Shanon Kulupach

A C T I O N  T H E A T R E  W I T H  D A N I E L L E  C R I S P


Action Theater is an improvisational physical theatre training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah. 
Danielle Cresp is the only teacher in Australia who runs Action Theatre workshops, and Girls Act Good was lucky enough to have a private workshop with her at the Howard Fine Studios in July 2016. Find out more about Action Theatre in Melbourne.

C I R C U S  W I T H  C L E O  C U T C H E R

JULY  2016

Cleo Cutcher is a circus & physical theatre artist based in Melbourne. She has worked with many companies, as performer, devisor and facilitator, including Westside Circus, Women’s Circus, Circus Oz, Sweet’n’Sour Circus, Think Blink Theatre, Oxford Children’s Theatre, King Victoria (Melbourne), Swamp Circus, Greentop Circus, Meddling Pixies (UK), El Cirque Revolution (Tenerife) and Epic Arts (Cambodia).
Cleo has done a train the trainer course with Cirque Du Monde and has run numerous programs for schools and community groups working towards a performance and also where there is a focus on social development and group cohesion.
Cleo facilitated circus classes for GAG which included trust and balance exercises, basic circus shapes, simple partner and group balances, juggling and hula hooping.

V O I C E  W I T H  L I S A  D A L L I N G E R


Lisa Dallinger initially facilitated a 6 week Voice and Alexander Technique course for members. The course investigated the key foundations of excellent voice use: posture/body, breath, ease and vocal support. Lisa guided participants towards developing a greater awareness of their own habits, so they may then learn to redirect their thinking to find more ease in their voice use and performance. They explored vocal connection and expression: resonance, range and articulation. Lisa offered the participants a chance to extend their vocal skill and deepen the connection between their thoughts and feelings and their voice. The course had a heavy Alexander Technique focus, but also embodied techniques of other influential vocal practitioners such as Kristen Linklater, Barbara Houseman, Cicely Berry and Patsy Rodenburg.

Lisa ran another series of workshops in 2016 and is contracted by GAG members for outside projects as voice and dialect coach on a regular basis. 


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